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The selection of anesthesia is a major decision that could have a significant impact on your recovery after surgery. Selecting the appropriate anesthesia requires careful consideration and discussion with your surgeon and your anesthesiologist.


Recent advancements in orthopedic surgery and anesthesiology have made outpatient joint replacement surgery a safe alternative for most patients.  Every patient is unique and requires your anesthesiology team to tailor a specific plan to provide the optimum outcome. Prior to your surgery, a Long Lake Anesthesiologist will discuss the options of anesthesia care to assist you in making the best choice for you.


To provide opiate-free anesthesia, Long Lake Anesthesiologists rely heavily on local anesthetics to numb a body part or surgical site.  Frequently an ultrasound-guided nerve block or a continuous catheter pain pump will be placed for improved post-operative pain relief. A thorough discussion of the procedure will be conducted when you meet your anesthesiologist the day of surgery.

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